Kingmaker Gestalt

Adventure Log

April XX.
Party finds disgusting hot springs, is attacked by worg, giant frogs, etc. Find statue of Erastil in the swamp. Meet ‘friendly’ froggard named Garuum. Ambush and kill Tuskgutter in less than six seconds. They then decide to attack the mite nest they were told about, under an old sycamore tree. They climb down into the nest, leaving Maximus Bloodhoof to guard the entrance as he is too large to enter. In the nest they are met by two pathways, one leading left, one leading right. Choosing the left one, they encounter enemies. First giant centipedes, then mites. Making use of grease, they catch several mites as they fall and kill them. When a giant spider appears the party retreats in to a larger cave, but the spider does not follow, instead they are met with a huge centipede monster which immediately disables Lyandra, taking her out of the fight. In their desperation, Mia and Erdan suceed in killing the monster and get Lyandra up and back in fighting shape. Alas, all is not good. Erdan goes back down the path towards the spider and the remaining mites, meanwhile Lyandra and Mia hear mites coming towards them from the opposite pathway. Mia and Lyandra spend some time killing the arriving mites, while Erdan fights the giant spider. When the mites are dead Erdan comes running towards his party members, somewhat worse for wear, and they prepare an ambush. An ambush that is avoided by the spider, who takes out Erdan and Mia, and chases Lyandra out of the mite nest. What the spider did not expect was Maximus Bloodhoof, who made short work of the spider and it’s mite rider. Lyandra goes down again into the mite nest and spends the night there, before finally regaining the strength to revive her companions.
As they prepare to leave, Erdan hears a faint voice in the eastern, un-explored, pathway. The party decided to check it out and find a lot of dead kobolds, and one living.
The living kobold is named Mik-Mek, and he convinces the party to free him, and help him get their sacred idol. The party agrees, and finds out that they had already cleared the entire nest of mites, and face no further combat.

March XX.
Party explores the forest, finds Erastil’s temple, and a large bear guarding it. They defeat the bear, who then turns into a human as he dies, and finds healing water just outside the temple.

March XX.
Party finds Moon radishes, kills most kobolds guarding the field, apart from two, one runs, other tells them about the trouble the mites are causing the kobolds. Party promises to get stolen idol back from the mites. They also give moon radishes to people who want them at Oleg’s. Party also kill giant spider and find a map to a tree. Close to the tree they found a cape buried along with a wand of burning hands and Svetlana’s ring.

March XX.
Lyandra joins the party. Party meets Bokken, eccentric hermit, kills off bandits who terrorize the area, and continue exploring.

March XX.
Adventurers are given the quest of exploring lands south of Brevoy. Erdan and Mia arrived at Oleg’s, found out about extorting bandits and planned an ambush. Ambush suceeded, they tracked down the bandit camp and killed the leader, and found out about a bandit lord called ‘The Staglord’.

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